Viral e-Mail Marketing


Take your e-Mail Marketing to the next level

The value of e-mail marketing is well understood by most Colleges/Schools since most already have and extensive e mail list of parents, past students and recent prospects. Email can help lead prospects down your sales funnel, and encourage existing customers to spend more time with your brand.

But email marketing isn’t the only way marketers are getting traction in the digital space. Content marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, and social media are all helping marketers achieve their goals.

Go Viral

There’s more power when these tactics are used together. Now you can integrate your email marketing efforts with a social media strategy.

E-mail and social media work best when they’re used together The two can complement each other to make your campaigns go viral and take your marketing to the next level.


Intelligent Form Integration

Adaptive data capturing. Automatic list segmentation for laser focused e-mail campaigns, RSS feed generated emails. CRM integration. Automatic remarketing campaigns. Viral marketing

Facebook e-Mail Integration

Facebook integration and lead funnels. Viral marketing.
Facebook sign up forms and auto post campaigns. Facebook sign up tabs

Twitter e-Mail Integration

Intelligent twitter lead generation card integration.

Campaign Enabled E-Mail Auto Responders

Automatic campaign triggers subscription events, campaign events , click path events etc
Automated workflow e-mails, date-based activities, e-commerce activities, market segment activities

E-Mail Marketing and Social Media Analytics

Campaign reports overall click through rates, sales funnel analysis A/B split testing, automatic list cleaning , Google Analytics tracking

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