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Competitive Advantage – NextGEN Learning Management System

1) Impressive User Interface. Most attractive LMS and much easier to use than any other.
2) Most Exiting Learning Activities. Gamification, Quizzes, Peer Review Assignments, Automated Assignments, Interactive Video, Virtual Reality, Blogs, Video Conferencing, Virtual Classroom.
3) Deeper Learner Analytics. For better teacher support and learner results.
4) A LMS To Be Proud Of. If your LMS is like most others, HIDDEN BEHIND A LOGIN SCREEN, then you miss the opportunity to demonstrate your superior offering to prospective learners.
5) Simpler, Better, Faster eLearning Course Development Tool. Quickest, Most Versatile and Most Cost-Effective for eLearning Course Development

6) Takes Pressure Off Your Teachers. Automated assessments, assignments video tutorials, analytics etc takes pressure off you teachers
7) Global User Support. NextGEN is built on Moodle, supported by ed-tech communities around the globe, around the clock.
8) Teacher Blogs & Learner Communities. Interact in Classroom Communities and International Peer Groups.
9) Brand Building Tool. LMS and Marketing tool combination. External, Internal Marketing open pages.
10) eCommerce options. Course booking and payment, tutorial extra sales, etc
11) Kindle Integration. Course textbooks are regularly integrated into NextGEN LMS in Kindle Book format.
12) STEM Enabled. Science Technology Engineering and Maths enabled. Ready Made Maths Courses Available.