Next GEN LMS - Prototype

NextGEN LMS - College/School/Varsity

Next GEN LMS - Prototype

Next GEN LMS - Prototype



NextGen LMS – Colleges/Varsities/Schools

Competitive Advantage for Vocational Colleges/Schools/Varsities

A Learning Management System and Marketing Tool Combination

If you’d like to achieve both BETTER BUSINESS, and LEARNER RESULTS for your College/Varsity/School, consider NextGEN MoodleLMS.

It’s a LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and MARKETING TOOL combination which generates business and helps learners and teachers perform better.

It provides online support for Face2Face, Distance Learning, Short Courses, Online Courses.

As a MARKETING TOOL it attracts new learners to increase revenue It expands your market since it is especially valuable to part-time learners, distance learners, short course learners. But also appeals to full-time learners.

In addition, eCOMMERCE ADD-ONS create new revenue stream possibilities from course booking payment systems and selling tutorial extras.

Characteristics of a NextGEN Moodle LMS

Characteristics of NexGEN LMS : Brand Building and Learning Management System Combination,  Virtual Realty, Gaming, Advanced Learning Tools, Advanced Learner Analytics, Teacher Blogs, Classroom Communities, Kindle Library Integration, eCommerce Facilties, Event Booking Ticketing Payment, 3D Digital Course Text Books, Sype, CRM Customer Support Ticketing, CRM Telephone Appointment Booking,

Subject Matter Expertise and Course Material Resources

Subject Matter Experts in : Marketing, Sales, Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Online & Social Media, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain, Production Management, Project Management, HR, Industrial Psych, Strategy etc. We also have international access to supplementary course material should you need it to enhance your online offering.

Ready-Made Course Material

AfterMATH. Ready-Made Maths Modules: South African CAPS G12 -10 & IEB. NATED N1-N6. NCV L2-L4. See our AfterMATH demo site.

Basic Technology Training for Teachers and Learners

Google for Education, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Moodle, Basic HTML.