Add Competitive Advantage to Your TVET College

Fusion LMS – A Combined Learning Management System and College Marketing Tool

Fusion LMS serves the dual purpose of a Learning Management Tool for Lectures and Learners as well as a Marketing Tool for these Colleges.

Fusion LMS Modernises Your Teaching for 21st Century Learning

“SA education is set to make a a technological leap”,
President Ramaphosa, SONA

Crossing the digital divide in SA education seems a fait accompli. So all MatH(s)Lab and NetFlix (4) Maths product also includes the use of the Learning Management System for all your other college subjects, for a small additional hosting fee.

Fusion LMS Websites Options

OPTION 1 – Your Own Branded Learning Management System Website.
State of the art designed LMS, built on a Moodle core. Installation and hosting. Two pricing tiers applied for graphic design and set up.

Fusion LMS modernises the appearance and functionality of your LMS to showcase its value as a teaching asset and to demonstrate the academic commitment of your college.

OPTION 2 -Your own Branded NetFlix (4) Maths Website (subscription based)
Netflix (4) Maths N1-N6. Netflix (4) Maths NCV L2 – L4

OPTION 3 – Your own Branded MatH(s)Lab Website (subscription based)
MatH(s)LAB N1 – N6


With option 2 and option 3 there is no charge for the graphic design and set up for your Learning Management System Website. For a small additional hosting fee, you are free to add your own course material and use it for all other subjects/courses.
At the end of the subscription, backups your own course material and learner records can be provided.