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Learning Management System with Intranet/Extranet Integration.  24/7 Globally Connected Remote Office for Your Organisation

Learning Management System




Remote Office – WordPress Core

Choose one of two Inclusive Special Offers with your NextGEN LMS purchase.

a. Rent-To-Own. Budget Saver. Low risk, budget saving option. Spread payment over two or three years. Provides the opportunity to trial the system before you spend a huge amount in one go.


b. Free. Remote Office. Intranet/Extranet, WordPress Core. 24/7 Globally connected remote office. Knowledge sharing, project management, peer to peer networking and collaboration, virtual meetings, internal communication, employee satisfaction surveys, event booking and ticketing etc

NextGEN LMS Corporate Applications

Since conception in 2002, Moodle has been used by organizations to achieve impressive business outcomes. There are countless examples but below are a number of areas where it is used in Corporate

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Compliance Training
  • Competency-based Training

  • Workplace Safety Training
  • Online Course Development
  • The Hiring and Interview Process

  • Product and Service Launches
  • Client, Channel and Partner Training
  • Communities of Practice (COP)

Next Generation LMS – Experience Our Standard Prototypes

learning management systems

learning management systems

Remote Office Prototype

Feature Summary of a NextGEN Moodle LMS?

You might not need all the features of a NexGEN LMS right away, but once you start using it you won’t do without it:

More Sophisticated but Much Easier to Use than Conventional Moodle. Brand Building and Learning Management System Combination,  Virtual Realty, Gaming, Advanced Learning Tools, Advanced Learner Analytics, Teacher Blogs, Classroom Communities, Kindle Library Integration, eCommerce Facilities, Event Booking Ticketing Payment, 3D Digital Course Text Books, Skype, CRM Customer Support Ticketing, CRM Telephone Appointment Booking.

NextGEN Moodle LMS & Remote Office

1) Impressive User Interface. Most attractive LMS and much easier to use than any other.
2) Most Exciting Learning Activities. Gamification, Quizzes, Peer Review Assignments, Automated Assignments, Interactive Video, Virtual Reality, Blogs, Video Conferencing, Virtual Classroom.
3) Deeper Learner Analytics. For better teacher support and learner results.
4) A LMS To Be Proud Of. If your LMS is like most others, HIDDEN BEHIND A LOGIN SCREEN, then you miss the opportunity to demonstrate your superior offering to prospective learners.
5) Simpler, Better, Faster eLearning Course Development Tool. Quickest, Most Versatile and Most Cost-Effective for eLearning Course Development
6) Web Conferencing Remote Classroom. BigBlueButton (BBB), GoToWebinar, WizIQ, Zoom. Allows for live classroom collaboration for distance learners. People can participate in the session remotely, or view session recordings so even students who have missed the session can still take part. All you need is a mobile phone and a WiFi hotspot.

7) Takes Pressure Off Your Trainers & Managers. Automated assessments, assignments video tutorials, analytics etc takes pressure off you trainers, managers and mentors.
8) Global User Support. NextGEN is built on Moodle, supported by ed-tech communities around the globe, around the clock.
9) Teacher Blogs & Learner Communities. Interact in Classroom Communities and International Peer Groups.
10) Brand Building Tool. LMS and Marketing tool combination. External, Internal Marketing open pages.
11) eCommerce options. Course booking and payment, tutorial extra sales, etc
12) Kindle Integration. Course textbooks are regularly integrated into NextGEN LMS in Kindle Book format.
13) STEM Enabled. Science Technology Engineering and Maths enabled. Ready Made Maths Courses Available.
14) Gamification. Series of plugins that enable gamification of your courses, Level Up, Stash, Quiz Venture, H5P + Gaming Playbook for Teachers. + Udemy courses in Gamification for Teachers.

Subject Matter Expertise and Course Material Resources

learning management systems

Subject Matter Experts in: Marketing, Sales, Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Online & Social Media, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain, Production Management, Project Management, HR, Industrial Psych, Strategy etc. We also have international access to supplementary course material should you need it to enhance your online offering.

Skilled and experienced in applying NextGEN LMS to NQF Credit Bearing Courses to more than triple your BBBEE Skills Development score in half the time.

Off the Shelf eLearning Courses

NextGEN LMS creates new possibilities for eLearning. Before you consider paying substantial annual licence fees for off-the-shelf eLearning, you might first want to consider what is already available for free on the internet.

Live Demo) – EdX- Click view Pop-Up

Consider Edx where you can can complete certificated courses from the best universities in the world., Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkley etc and where you only pay if you want a course certificate at the end of the course, providing you pass of course.

When these resources are integrated into a NextGEN LMS it provides a professional eLearning experience with the best content that is flexible and adaptable and require no licence fees.

YouTube Playlists – Demo

Consider the millions of YouTube Playlists which already cover your topics. NextGEN LMS integrates these into seamless interactive lessons complete with quizzes, grade and participation tracking.


Comprehensive catalogue of Off-The-Shelf Training Courses

Over 20,000 courses from the world’s top publishers, so you have one place to go for any training needs.

  Open Sesame – Click view Pop-Up