LMS for Learnerships


Benefits to Learnership Host-Employers and Learnership Training Providers

Fusion LMS may pay for itself since it can multiply your learnership success rate and your completion allowance tax rebate as a result. This rebate most often runs in the millions and that’s more than ten times the cost of an average LMS.

FusionLMS can also multiply your B-BBEE Skills Development Score by three to ten times.

A Learnership and FusionLMS combination may be the most effective way to reach the ambitious new B-BBEE targets and avoid its harsh penalties.

FusionLMS is tailored to the SAQA NQF credit bearing process and is Unit Standards competency based.

It links Unit Standards directly to prescribed workplace learning activities. It records notional hours for SETA requirements further links all of this directly to costs for B-BBEE points allocation.

It supports the Outcomes Based Education format of Learnerships which requires 70-90% of the notional training hours to be workplace learning activities, outside of the classroom.

With learners dispersed throughout the organisation it’s nearly impossible to record workplace learning activity linked to unit standards, notional hours and costs, without an NQF Compliant LMS tool.

This LMS automates the development of POE and improves the LEARNERSHIP RESULTS for the SETA & SARS. It generates more thorough learner records, monitors learner progress and enables personal attention when it’s needed.

It offers integrated Project Management tools to plan organize and track all the numerous and complex activities of a Learnership. It integrates with your email calendars and updates automatically. It offers time, completion and cost variance reports that helps to protect your Learnership investment.


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What are The Benefits of a South African NQF Configured LMS?

The Benefits of a South African NQF Configured LMS

A South African NQF Configured LMS can triple you B-BBEE score in half the time. In addition, it can multiply your learnership success rates and help secure millions in incentive payout. A NQF Configured LMS pays for itself many times over.

An NQF compliant LMS is important in achieving the ambitious B-BBEE skills development targets of 6% of your wage bill. And a necessary tool to prevent being penalised an entire level of B-BBEE for scoring under 40% of the skills development target.

Furthermore, B-BBEE requirements are that 85% of your skills development spend must be NQF credit bearing.

The NQF credit bearing process requires 70-90% of the notional training hours to be workplace assignment based. This is difficult to achieve and account for, without and LMS that links learner logs to specific unit standard numbers and costs.

Strategically speaking, learnerships are the most cost effective way to achieve B-BBEE skills development points and avoid penalties.

A learnership completion benefit 0f R 30 000 per learner is awarded upon learnership pass rates and often adds up to millions.

For learners to pass they must be found competent on their Portfolio of Evidence. But to be awarded a certificate, you also need to satisfy the SETA regulations, follow their processes and account for notional hour requirement of workplace assignments.

Fusion LMS is proactive in managing learner success rates. It automates the development of the portfolio of evidence. It contains an Imbedded Management Dashboard to manage your learnership investment.

What are Our Special Skills and Does it Matter?

What are Our Special Skills and Does it Matter?

We are well qualified in internationally experienced South Africans. We offer world class learning technology that’s informed by a solid grounding in the training and development protocols of South Africa.

Fusion offers skills in strategy, creativity, instructional design, courseware development, and LMS development & hosting. We apply a thorough knowledge of the South African NQF framework to your LMS solutions.

We have experience in SETA accreditation processes. ETQA quality control process, Short course accreditation and conversions, Learnership Protocols, Portfolio of Evidence Development, Formative Assessments, Summative Assessments, Moderator Requirement and SETA verification.

We have practical experience in B-BBEE Skills Development Verification Processes. We offer the insights and the systems to multiply your score.