Your EDTech Strategic Alliance

Your EDTech Strategic Alliance



Your EDTech Strategic Alliance – Get The Full Story

An EDTech Strategic Alliance with You – Synergy for Competitive Advantage

In this tough economic climate, educators find that the battle for customers have intensified. If you are looking for ways to add competitive advantage, then consider an EdTech Strategic Alliance with me.

Leon Rossouw MBA.(USB) AMP (Harvard)
Managing Director

Could these skillsets help you Achieve Competitive Advantage?

1 Skills in NextGEN Moodle Learning Management Systems. For Classroom and Online
2 A Rare Combination of Digital Creative, Online Marketing and eCommerce Skills.
3 An MBA with a Range of Subject Matter Expertise in Business, Marketing
4 International Networks for Course Material Access
5 EDTech Skills Development

What If You’re Happy with What You’ve Got?

I’ll be disappointed, but if you’re happy with what you’ve got and comfortable with your position in the market, I probably won’t be of as much use to you as I would be elsewhere.

However, can anyone in business AFFORD to be HAPPY with WHAT THEY’VE GOT when their competitors are targeting their customers with practically the same products every single minute of each day?

In the online space competition is global. Are you HAPPY to leave business opportunities on the table for your COMPETITORS? In the era of the internet education is a global business.

Education has become a global business, even for locals. Competition has intensified, doing the things you’ve always done may not bring you the results you’ve always got.