After-Math 1

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After-MATH – Most Effective Intensive Care for Colleges/Schools

A Maths Teachers Power Tool

After-MATH immediately reduces Workload for TEACHERS, with Better Results for LEARNERS and Peace of Mind for PARENTS.

TEACHERS can choose to be hands-on with full control over automated scheduling of responsive exercises, video tutorials, respond to learner analytics and effortlessly engage in more targeted learner management.

Or they can be hands-off and leave it to the learner, whilst keeping a watchful eye via the system reports and automated alerts.

Mix and Match Maths Exercises and Video Tutorials and to Fit Any Budget

After-MATH is offered to colleges/schools in smaller modular units which can be mixed and matched to fit practically any budget.

After-MATH is unrivalled in terms of price, flexibility and quality. You can compose your own course exercise and video tutorial combinations to stretch your budget without compromising quality.

Multi-Tenant Hosting – the Key to Affordability

Your college/school can offer your learners its own Branded, After-MATH web site. After-MATH is in fact on a Multi-Tenant Hosted site, in the cloud with other colleges/schools, each in a private compartment.

This makes it quick to activate, affordable to fit the budget of almost any college/ school and with shorter commitment periods, just-in-time for when you need it most.

Short-Notice, Automated Test & Exam Preparation

Implemented at short notice with short intensive hosting options, even month to month. During exam & test preparations it enables automated mock tests and exams which are marked by the system. It takes pressure off teachers and gives immediate feedback to learners for continuous improvement.

Outrageously Affordable, Fit Any College/School Budget

Subscriptions start as Low as R2 500 – pm for 100 learners. It’s affordable to practically any college/school.

User Support for Teachers

Online and offline teacher user support is provided. The system has 100 Million users worldwide. Usually, no training is required for standard use. But beware, teachers often get hooked on teaching once they start using the system.