Training and Experimental Site

Next GEN Moodle Experimental Site + Moodle Training

A Permanent Experimental LMS Site for Each Teacher. ESSENTIAL for sustainable Moodle TEACHER SKILLS and Course DEVELOPMENT.

If you don’t have an LMS and you’re not sure if you should get one, or if you have a firstgen Moodle LMS but it’s not being used to its fullest extent, then get an Experimental LMS site + Moodle training course.

Start with your teachers

We provide EACH TEACHER with their OWN PERMANENT DESKTOP LMS copy, where each have their own offline sandbox to edit in, without interfering with others.

An experimental LMS site offer teachers unrestricted access, to gain a deeper knowledge of Moodle over an extended period of time and a test site to develop new ideas, which can safely be transferred to your online LMS when you decide to get one


The Permanent Desktop Experimental Site + Moodle Training Content site is offered at R7 500.  If you decide to get an LMS us within a time period of six months this amount will be subtracted from the price.

Moodle Courses – Teachers and Administrators

Our Moodle courses prepare you for NextGEN Moodle. Moodle is the most popular LMS, with a 158 Million users worldwide. We offer a Next Generation version of Moodle.

THE MOST THOROUGH – 42 Topics and More

More than 42 topics are covered in video, text and application. Just like many other vendors we can run a Moodle training course over one or two days, but no one can master it in that time.  Learning to use Moodle is easy but Moodle mastery takes regular practice.

Our course includes a PERMANENT DESKTOP LMS so that you can practise at your own pace, for as long as you want after the course, without any constraint It is the most thorough Moodle course on the market today.

The key to learning Moodle is practice, practice, practice and the freedom to edit an experiment without interference and free of consequences.

The Desktop LMS is a CONDENSED VERSION of the online preview examples below and will carry your company brand and identity.

Educators with Next Generation Moodle Skills are in Demand Worldwide

LIVE PREVIEW – Visit the link below.

Moodle Courses

Moodle Course Brochure / Pricing

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