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What if your College/School could offer its own exclusive Online MatH(s)Lab?

R2 Billion in Extra Maths Lessons

What if your college/school could offer your own branded Online MatH(s)Lab? Firstly it would mean tapping into a multibillion maths tutor market which may also generate significant additional income for college/school

SA parents spend over R2 Billion p.a on expensive extra maths lessons. Most learners seriously need help with maths but not everyone can afford it or want to spend as much.

What if we can help your college/school offer more affordable extra lessons so that all your learners can benefit from better maths results, and at the same time taking pressure off your teachers and parents? Wouldn’t that be great?

Your own 21 st Century Online MatH(s)Lab?
Consider Seven Major Benefits for your College/School :

1 Individual Attention for your Learners.

MatH(s)Lab achieves better results because it works alongside the classroom and empowers teachers with technology which offers them deeper insights into individual learner performance and greater control over results.

2 Automated to Empower your Teachers.

It takes pressure off the teacher. Automated short question formats, previous grade revision, automated exam paper assignments and videos, all linked to extensive learner analytics.

3 A Cumulative Intervention.

Better maths results takes daily practice. Maths is cumulative with each lesson building on another.

So MatH(s)Lab engages teachers, learners and parents in a continuous improvement loop, every single day.

4 Local Content, World-class Delivery.

MatH(s)Lab’s content is substantial and aligned to CAPS NSC, IEB G10-G12, and NATED N1-N6. It is delivered on a learning management system which boasts 100 million users worldwide.

5 Maths Practise 24/7 on any device

Maths practise, anytime anywhere anyhow. Multiple Media Responsive layout, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.

6 It Distinguishes your college/school

Maths is the gateway subject to higher education and better career options, good or bad performance in maths is often ‘the’ distinctive criteria by which a college/school is judged.

7 Additional income for your college/school

Attached to a lucrative market, it’s an attractive feature which you can either have sponsored, fee subsidised or charge for.

We offer MatH(s)Lab on an annual subscription basis and we cover CAPS curriculum Grade 10-12 NSC and IEB exams. NATED, N1-N6. It is comprehensive and thorough.
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