Could this be A Big Opportunity for LRMG ?

I am looking for a PARTNER to tap into the Business School Branded Online Executive Education Market. The venture can operate UNDER YOUR BRAND. The buyout of the GetSmarter/UCT partnership for over R1.8 BILLION has been an inspiration to many business schools. I don’t know if your involvement with Wits DigitalCampus restricts you from targeting other business schools.

COVID 19 is creating a big shift towards online executive education, the window of opportunity closes a little each day as existing suppliers secure the most lucrative opportunities and some business schools try and do it themselves.

This is What I can Offer You Right Now.

I have all the learning systems resources ready-made that you need for an advantage in this market and prototypes to pitch to business schools. But, I don’t have the sales and client service capacity needed and due to the lock down I cannot finance it.

I offer a combination of EdTech, Online Marketing skills as well as being an MBA with Subject Matter Expertise in executive education. I can develop courses as well as market them.

I have course material for all the high demand training courses offered in business school executive education. I can easily convert more of it to online learning.

I am a one-person equivalent of 10 EdTech people in a digital agency, so I am a cost-effective option for anyone wanting to develop online courses and compete in this market with a competitive advantage.

I offer mission critical strengths in areas of technology where most online service providers in the executive education space have weaknesses and where it will take them a long time to catch up.

Subject Matter Expertise in: Marketing, Sales, Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Online & Social Media, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain, Production Management, Project Management, HR, Industrial Psych, Strategy etc. We also have international access to supplementary course material should you need it to enhance your online offering.

EDTech – Resources for Competitive Advantage?

1 Skills in NextGEN Moodle Learning Management Systems. For Classroom and Online
2 A Rare Combination of Digital Creative, Online Marketing, and eCommerce Skills.
3 Range of Subject Matter Expertise in Business, Marketing. MBA qualified.
4 International Networks for Course Material Access
5 Customised Video Playlists on Any Subject Worldwide
6 Virtual Reality Video Production and Photography
7 3D Digital Books and Kindle Book Conversion
8 Virtual Classroom & Web Conferencing
9 In-House EDTech Skills Development
10 Facebook Marketing Expertise
11 Moodle Educator Certified
12 Google Adwords Skilled
13 Adobe Captivate Expertise
14 WordPress Marketing Sites
15 WordPress eCommerce
16 Web Hosting Skills
17 CRM Marketing

Leon Rossouw MBA.(USB) AMP (Harvard)
Managing Director

Competitive Advantage – NextGEN Moodle LMS and eLearning

We Create eLearning Content to fit any LMS. However our NextGEN LMS and eLearning Course Combination offers the most cost effective, most adaptable solution by far.

1) Impressive User Interface. Most attractive LMS and much easier to use than any other.
2) Multi-tenant LMS feature. Offer dedicated branding to individual corporate clients.
3) Most Exciting Learning Activities. Gamification, Quizzes, Peer Review Assignments, Automated Assignments, Interactive Video, Virtual Reality, Blogs, Video Conferencing, Virtual Classroom.
4) Deeper Learner Analytics. For better teacher support and learner results.
5) A LMS To Be Proud Of. If your LMS is like most others, HIDDEN BEHIND A LOGIN SCREEN, then you miss the opportunity to demonstrate your superior offering to prospective learners.
6) Simpler, Better, Faster eLearning Course Development Tool. Quickest, Most Versatile and Most Cost-Effective for eLearning Course Development.
7) Web Conferencing Remote Classroom. BigBlueButton (BBB), GoToWebinar, WizIQ, Zoom. Allows for live classroom collaboration for distance learners. People can participate in the session remotely, or view session recordings so even students who have missed the session can still take part. All you need is a mobile phone and a WiFi hotspot.

8) Takes Pressure Off Your Teachers. Automated assessments, assignments video tutorials, analytics etc takes pressure off you teachers
9) Global User Support. NextGEN is built on Moodle, supported by ed-tech communities around the globe, around the clock.
10) Teacher Blogs & Learner Communities. Interact in Classroom Communities and International Peer Groups.
11) Brand Building Tool. LMS and Marketing tool combination. External, Internal Marketing open pages.
12) eCommerce options. Course booking and payment, tutorial extra sales, etc
13) Kindle Integration. Course textbooks are regularly integrated into NextGEN LMS in Kindle Book format.
14) STEM Enabled. Science Technology Engineering and Maths enabled. Ready Made Maths Courses Available.