LMS for Schools

Fusion LMS Adds Competitive Advantage to Your School

Fusion LMS – A Combined Learning Management System and School Marketing Tool

Fusion LMS serves the dual purpose of a Learning Management Tool for Lectures and Learners as well as a Marketing Tool for these Schools.

Fusion LMS Modernises Your Teaching for 21st Century Learning

“SA education is set to make a a technological leap”,
President Ramaphosa, SONA

Crossing the digital divide in SA education seems a fait accompli. So all MatH(s)Lab and NetFlix (4) Maths product also includes the use of the Learning Management System for all your other school subjects, for free.

Fusion LMS Website Options

OPTION 1 – Your Own Branded Learning Management System Website.
State of the art designed LMS, built on a Moodle core. Installation and hosting. Two pricing tiers applied for graphic design and set up.

Fusion LMS modernises the appearance and functionality of your LMS to showcase its value as a teaching asset and to demonstrate the academic commitment of your school.

OPTION 2 – Your own Branded NetFlix (4) Maths Website (subscription based)
Netflix (4) Maths G10 – G12

OPTION 3 – Your own Branded MatH(s)Lab Website (subscription based)
MatH(s)LAB G10 – G12


With option 2 and option 3 there is no charge for the graphic design and set up for your Learning Management System Website. You are free to add your own course material and use it for all other subjects/courses.
At the end of the subscription, backups your own course material and learner records can be provided.