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these people want you pay banktransfer a wait a day min 100



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To load airtime credits into your account click here and enter
Username: leon@fusionlms.co.za
Password: 739436

Now that you have loaded funds into your account you can send a fax using EMAIL2FAX in 5 easy steps …
1. Open up a new email
2. In the TO box of the email enter the recipient’s fax number @faxemail.co.za e.g. 0112314567@faxemail.co.za
3. In the SUBJECT line of the email please enter the name of the person for whom the fax is intended
4. Attach the document that you would like to fax and click SEND
5. The fax will be sent to the chosen recipient

You only pay for the faxes you send.

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credit card min 250

website and how to use


Fax: 086 660 1512
Email: leon@fusionlms.co.za

pw 19561956!

username is leon@fusionlms.co.za



send a fax example 0866601512@faxfx.net