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Fusion LMS Showcases the Academic Commitment of Your School

Fusion LMS modernises the appearance and functionality of your LMS to showcase its value as a teaching asset and demonstrate the academic commitment of your school.

Fusion LMS is built on a Moodle core. If you are like most schools running Moodle you’ve upgraded it to the latest version you are already halfway there.

Fusion LMS Helps Modernise Your Teaching for 21st Century Learning

• Parent Portals
• Social media Collaboration
• Fusion LTI – Global Educational Collaboration
• CAPS compliant assessments
• Educational Apps, IXL , WIRIS
• High-Content e learning reinforce classroom or substitute
• 3D Digital books
• Multimedia educational material
• Social Media Marketing Tool to attract new students
• School Brand Image Management

Fusion LMS

Fusion LMS South Africa

Parents Want More Bang for Their Buck

In South Africa a decent education requires a big investment and comes at a hefty price both at private and semi private schools.

The South African education system consists of three types of schools: independent schools (private schools), governing body-funded public schools (Former model C schools) and government schools.

Even though some believe education standards between Private Schools and between Model C Schools are roughly on a par, many parents are prepared to pay a huge premium for private education with its promise of exceptional standards.

With school fees at the equivalent price of a house or a ocean going yacht, parents demand the very best. Fusion LMS serve the aspirations of discerning schools, parents and deserving learners at all socio economic levels.

Institution Total Cost Grade R – Grade 12
Average fee-paying school R253,404
Upper-income former Model C School R676,306
Private school R3,721,293
University (3-year BA degree) Total Tuition Cost 3 Years
Unisa R189,918
Wits R360,211
UCT R472,528

Fusion LMS – Parent Portal Facility

 Fusion LMS offers a parent portal which integrates parents and guardians as mentors. Parents have access to learner records 24/7 can engage lecturers in online dialog as and when required.

Parents automatically receive grade reports, informal assessment feedback, learner activity completion reports as and when it happens via e mail and site messaging.

This facilitates a partnership between schools and parents. The role of parents in their children’s education has long been recognised as a significant factor in educational success and school improvement.

Fusion LTI – Global Educational Collaboration

LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) allows the seamless integration with other LMS’s from other schools across the globe. Fusion LTI also integrates extra tuition sites as IXL or WIRIS.

Teacher – LMS and Digital Skills Training

 There has been so much talk of late about technology, the digital age and the value of all that is new in education in the 21st Century that it’s easy to lose sight of the most valuable asset of our schools, its teachers.

Without LMS empowered teachers your LMS will not be successful. We provide the most thorough Moodle Course Creators Courses and Site Managers Courses in both classroom and online format.

We are the only Moodle Training Provider that provides a permanent experimental site for a teacher for life.

Fusion LMS – Facebook Social Learning Integration

We are not promoting learners to be idle on Facebook; they are there already and so are their parents. We are advocating that they use Facebook also as a learning tool.

A Facebook Education Page or Group used in conjunction Fusion is an incredible learning tool.

Learners can login to Fusion from Facebook or add a post to their Facebook education page directly from Fusion . Here are a 100 ways you could be using Facebook in your classroom >>>>

Fusion LMS

Fusion LMS

Fusion LMS – Aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement CAPS

Both public and private schools are required by Umalusi to comply with the content and question standards set by CAPS.

Fusion LMS Helps Recording and Reporting of Learner’s Performance as Per Caps Requirements

Records of learner performance should provide evidence of the learner’s conceptual progression within a grade and her/his readiness to progress or promote to the next grade.

Records of learner performance should also be used to verify the progress made by teachers and learners in the teaching and learning process.

These include report cards, parents’ meetings, school visitation days, parent teacher conferences, phone calls, letters, class or school newsletters, etc. Teachers in all grades report in percentages against the subjects

Fusion LMS Automates CAPS Assessments.

 CAPS require that classroom assessments should be both informal and formal

Assessment for learning has the purpose of continuously collecting information on a learner’s achievement that can be used to improve their learning and to inform planning for teaching.

Informal assessment is a daily monitoring of learners’ progress. Informal assessment should be used to provide feedback to the learners from learning activities taking place in the classroom. Learners or teachers can mark these assessment tasks.

Assessment in the National Curriculum Statement Grades R – 12 comprises School-Based Assessment and Practical Assessment Tasks for certain subjects offered in the Further Education and Training Phase and a final end-of-year examination.

School-Based Assessment.
Examples of formal assessments include tests, examinations, case studies, oral or written presentations practical tasks, projects, oral case studies presentations, demonstrations, performances

Practical assessment tasks
The Practical Assessment Tasks marks counts significantly toward of the end-of year examination mark for many subjects.

Fusion LMS Engages the Teacher and the Learner in a Continuous Feedback Loop

 LMS platform creates Learner and lecturer feedback in real-time and is a early diagnostic tool for learner performance.

Formal internal assessments combined with continuous informal assessments provide an early indication of which students might be high risk cases in certain modules, in order to ensure that the required help and support is provided early enough

Four purposes for assessment namely:

  • Diagnostic assessment, thus for the purpose of determining suitable support or remedial actions
  •  Formative assessment, thus assessment for learning
  •  Summative assessment, thus assessment of learning

Thus, assessment for grading is only one of the foci of assessment practice and the guiding and encouraging of sound approaches to effective learning is of equal relevance.

Fusion LMS Ensures No Learner Gets Left Behind

• Automates assessments and allows Continuous informal Diagnostic Assessments, Formative assessments( assessments for learning)and summative assessments.
• Allows for instant and individual learner feedback and remedial coaching.
• Augments classroom learning and substitutes some classroom learning. It allows for extra tuition as and when it needed
• Gradebooks track score and benchmarks performance against peers. Activity completion reports track learner tasks such as assignments, projects, progress in real time.
• Monitors and manages the continuous development of the learners POE where applicable. It links learner workplace or project activity to unit standards and notional hour requirements.
• Learner analytics gauge both learner and lecturer commitment at subject and course level. It gauges how they learn where they learn.
• Learner records provide evidence of student tasks and activity completion



Fusion LMS is Digital Marketing Tool

Brand Management

Online Brand image tool charged with making the right impression to the outside world. It can quite easily fulfil the function the college main website.

Each college has a different brand character steeped in its heritage, but common to all is the imperative to convey that you are in touch with the world of tomorrow, the world of the 21st century for which you are preparing learners.

Competitive Positioning

As a competitive positioning tool, your LMS is most directly linked to your core business; it is proof positive of commitment to Superior Learner Results and your value as an educator. The ongoing learner engagement and regular LMS reports are consistent reinforcement of this value proposition.

Retention Marketing and Re-enrolment

It costs 5 times as much to attract new customers than to keep existing ones
LMS lower dropout rate, higher learner retention rate with re-enrolment in additional courses.

Customer Acquisition

College prospectus, demo courses, referrals etc

PR News

News updates, calendar of events, blog and vlogs

Social Media Integration

Facebook Marketing

Google Adwords