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Fusion LMS

Fusion LMS Adds Sustainable Competitive Advantage to Your College

Fusion LMS – A Combined Learning Management System and College Marketing Tool

Fusion LMS serves the dual purpose of a Learning Management Tool for Lectures and Learners as well as a Marketing Tool for these Colleges

Overview of Public TVET and Private FET Colleges

The legislative landscape of the FET College sector has undergone significant changes. Public FET Colleges have been renamed TVET Colleges, while private FET Colleges have been renamed private Colleges.

Fusion LMS Modernises Your Teaching for 21st Century Learning

• Parent Portals
• Social media Collaboration
• Fusion LTI – Global Educational Collaboration
• ICASS compliant assessments
• Educational Apps, IXL , WIRIS
• High-Content e learning reinforce classroom or substitute
• 3D Digital books
• Multimedia educational material
• Social Media Marketing Tool to attract new students
• School Brand Image Management

Fusion LMS Helps Colleges Improve Success Rates

The low pass rate of FET colleges of roughly 33% is a huge concern for all stakeholders. In addition those learners which are also involved in SETA Supported Learnerships also show a similar trend of poor results and so the noble intention of job creation is unfulfilled.

Fusion LMS Helps Colleges Empower the Internal Continuous Assessment Solution (ICASS)

The DHET and Umalusi attribute much the failure rate to the poor quality and the integrity of the internal continuous assessment (ICASS) component of the National Certificate (V) and NATED qualification at TVET Colleges.

In some instances, it is clear that the ICASS component is not taken seriously by lecturers and/or students. They indicate that is a major factor in the high failure rate of 67%.

Fusion LMS Helps Colleges Automate Official ICASS Requirements

ICASS guidelines for 2017 have been drawn up and published by DHET. Fusion LMS helps to implement the requirements of ICASS.

It requires the monitoring of assessment implementation should take place on a continuous basis that could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and at the end of each cycle or academic period.

Subject and assessment monitoring reports are to be submitted on a quarterly basis.

Fusion LMS streamlines this process.

Fusion lms

Fusion LMS

Fusion LMS helps Lecturers

Fusion LMS helps Lecturers collate Evidence of Teaching and Assessment as per ICASS requirements

It performs internal assessments as per ICASS requirements and helps with the monitoring report.

It helps to manage and monitor lecturer performance. Assessment schedules and instruments -tests, assignments, internal examination papers and accompanying memoranda, marking guidelines, rubrics and checklists.

It manages evidence of pre-assessment moderation (approval of the tasks beforehand) and evidence of post-assessment moderation (of 10% of the tasks)

Mark sheets for all groups of students (handwritten or printed) Moderation reports and checklists

Fusion LMS helps Lecturers provide Evidence of Student tasks for ICASS

Both the NC requires and NATED require evidence of student tasks. In NC (V) a formal portfolio of evidence is required and contribute 60% internal marks.

Fusion LMS Automates and Creates More Time and Opportunity for Teaching and Individual Mentoring

Fusion LMS automates assessments, tests, assignments, tasks and portfolio of evidence. It creates more time for teaching and individual mentoring.

ICASS Daily Informal Assessments
Informal assessment practice is of equal importance to formal testing. ICASS protocols indicate daily assessment is important to monitor teaching and learning and valuable part of effective learning

ICASS Formal Assessments for grading
Internal assessments contributed 50% of the total Mark for NC(V) and is more or less similar for NATED ( N1-N6) qualifications. Occupational qualifications by offered colleges also require internal assessments to qualify for external assessments.

Formal internal assessments combined with continuous informal assessments provide an early indication of which students might be high risk cases in certain modules, in order to ensure that the required help and support is provided early enough

Three purposes for assessment namely:
• Diagnostic assessment, thus for the purpose of determining suitable support or remedial actions
• Formative assessment, thus assessment for learning
• Summative assessment, thus assessment of learning

Fusion LMS Helps Learners

No Learner gets left behind

LMS platform creates Learner and lecturer feedback in real-time and is a powerful early diagnostic tool for learner performance.

LMS automates assessments and allows Continuous informal Diagnostic Assessments, Formative Assessments (assessments for learning)and Formal Summative assessments.

LMS allows for instant and individual learner feedback and remedial coaching.

LMS augments classroom learning and substitutes some classroom learning. It allows for extra tuition as and when it needed

Gradebooks track score and benchmarks performance against peers. Activity completion reports track learner tasks such as assignments, projects, progress in real time.


LMS monitors and manages the continuous development of the learners POE where applicable. It links learner workplace or project activity to unit standards and notional hour requirements.

Learner analytics gauge both learner and lecturer commitment at subject and course level. It gauges how they learn where they learn.

Learner records provide evidence of student tasks and activity completion. 

For the student it provides early answers
How I am coping with academic demands
Am I up to the required standard
What are my odds of success at present

For the lecturer:
How the students are coping
What are they finding difficult
What they already know
What intervention is needed

Fusion Helps Academic Heads

Academic line managers must submit monitoring reports on all findings to the Academic Head of the College before the end of each term and in accordance with a schedule provided by the Academic Head of the college.

The Academic Head must, on the basis of the reports received, compile a college report to inform the college management on assessment implementation at the college and use the reports received from campuses to undertake visits to campuses, to acknowledge subjects and campuses where best practices are implemented and to ensure that the necessary support is provided to lecturers where the assessment implementation is being compromised

Fusion LMS Integrates Parents and Learnership Hosts

LMS Integrates Parents guardians and Learnership Hosts as mentors. Have access to learner records 24/7 can engage lecturers in online dialog as and when required. Automatically receive grade report, informal assessment feedback learner activity completion report.



Fusion LMS performs as a Learning Management Site as well a Marketing Site

Students today are dramatically different than they were ten years ago. They’re not attending college just for a certificate or a diploma and “the college experience;” they want assurance of a job at the end of it all.

To successfully draw learners to your college you need to consider learners as your customers, and your parents and learnership hosts as clients.

Your offerings must consider: 1) Applicant goals, 2) The College’s brand identity, 3) Your Competitors and 4) The job market.

Understand Student Demand
Learners attend a vocational college to better their chances of getting a job. With a youth unemployment rate of 50 they are competing with millions others for employment.

Your college is expected to provide competitive advantage for the learner in a tough and shrinking job market. Learners at Vocational Colleges need personal attention and Fusion LMS helps teachers to achieve that with much larger learner groups.

In addition to projecting the institution’s legacy and reputation, there is the need to demonstrate that you are in touch with the world of tomorrow, the digital world of the 21st century for which you are preparing your learners.

Your college gets just one chance to make a good first impression. Fusion LMS functions a learning tool as well as an interactive marketing tool.

There are 627 Private Colleges with 154 632 learners and 50 Public Colleges with 639 638 learners. What are they offering learners to them the advantage, now and in the future.

As a competitive positioning tool, your LMS is most directly linked to your core business; it is proof positive of commitment to Superior Learner Results and your value as an educator.

At 50.4% the youth unemployment rate is of the highest in the world. Employers want readymade employees with skills to improve business performance. Fusion LMS will help your teachers prepare for this.

Marketing Features and Benefits

Fusion LMS performs as a Learning Management Site as well a Marketing Site. In addition to website and LMS site building can add value in the following areas.

1 New prospect list database building. (CRM)
List building strategies such as newsletter subscription, brochure downloads conditional to providing their contact details.

2 New prospect list database marketing.(CRM)
New prospect marketing needs to be a continuous process. Utilise your database for CRM (e mail, sms) marketing. Fusion LMS offers CRM e mail and SMS facilities. Automate sending, newsletters, prospectus, video playlists.

3 Customer (learner) Retention Marketing and Re-enrolment
It costs 5 times as much to attract new customers than to keep existing ones.

LMS automates staff and learner satisfaction surveys. This forms the basis for continuous improvement.

3. Social media integration
We create, manage and integrate your college website, blog, Facebook page and Twitter accounts with your LMS.

Facebook helps you to meet and converse with parents, staff, students and other interested community members where they are at, or might be, in the near future.

Whereas Facebook is and extended blog Twitter is basically an abbreviated Blog. It allows members instant messaging of thoughts of no more than 140 characters / spaces. Tweets (responses) may also be added by mobile phone.

One key use of ‘Twitter’ could be to gain instant appreciation of Parents and Senior Students’ thoughts on a topic.

4. Facebook Advertsing
Facebook is an ideal tool to reach the younger target audience. Ads, Page post ads, Photo posts, Video posts, Links posts and Page like ads

5. Google Adwords Advertsing
Adgroup and keyword testing and campaigns development. Automated bid to position scripts and conversions