How School Principals Increase Profits

You don’t need to go extremes to Make More Money for your College/School

Successful Colleges/School are getting smarter at generating income; everything pays for itself. With intelligent online solutions you don’t need to go to ridiculous extremes to afford the best facilities for your learners.

We create College/School MARKETING WEBSITES that EARN ADDITIONAL REVENUE and save you time and money. This involves any or all of the following :
• Intelligent student acquisition marketing, registration, billing and payment.
• Social Events marketing, booking and payment.
• Training Events marketing, booking and payment.
• Viral e Mail marketing, and performance tracking
• Facilities marketing, booking and payment
• We monetise your social media via bilateral integration for marketing, and targeted re-marketing
• Earn massive revenue from Amazon Online Store integration.
• E-learning courses, sales booking and payment

If you’re interested in applying these Marketing and e-Commerce solutions  but you are not ready to change your entire website, then you can opt for a modular solution; a mirror-site that works alongside your existing site.

We are eager to assist you in engaging 21st century marketing and teaching solutions most profitably.

So, if you would like to learn more about how we might help one another, then please  access your e-Book above and/or contact me directly.

Leon Rossouw, Fusion Online