Would Bright Ideas Factory Ever Outsource
Any Digital Marketing Skills?
Dear Leon

I was looking through your LinkedIn profile and noticed you have an impressive background in digital marketing. I’ve been told there is an increased demand for digital but a shortage of digital marketing skills. Many agencies are still under financial pressure post-COVID19 and some are hesitant to hire more people fulltime.

I wonder if you might consider a part-time relationship with me. I have creative skills in digital, plus strategic skills and IT technical skills. I am also an MBA in advanced marketing.

Why is it important?
As you know, traditional marketing is still dominant, but digital offers the potential for new agency accounts or, on the other hand, it presents the risk of losing existing clients to new media rivals. Every day, new digital competitors enter the market, and technology keeps advancing at a rapid pace. This is where I can contribute.
How Could I Make a Difference 
to Bright Ideas Factory in Digital Marketing ROI?
1) Rare Skills Combination
I offer a rare combination of Strategic Expertise in Digital Marketing, Full-Stack Creative, IT Tech Skills and Traditional Marketing.2) Well Qualified And Experienced In Digital And Traditional Marketing
I’m versatile, but I’m most suited for a strategic role in Digital. I am an MBA in advanced marketing with both classical marketing experience and digital skills. I can integrate a wide range of traditional media and digital platforms into a single actionable plan to drive sales and repeat business.
3) Billable Digital Marketing Skills
I have a wide range of applied digital marketing skills that can generate revenue: Automated CRM, Web Design, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Multichannel Analytics, Funnel Management, Customer Research & Competitor Analysis.Creative Content – Web Design, UX Design, Multichannel Campaign Development. Content: Copywriting AI, Video, Audio, Graphics, Photography, Photoshop, Videography.Front-End and Back-End IT Technical Skills – HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL. Apache Server Performance Enhancements, Database and Directory Management.

I can be deployed in multiple ways depending on the needs and structure of the organization.

4) Digital Marketing and Conventional Marketing Integration
Certain traditional channels, such as TV and radio, are still very effective for influence and marketing, but combining it with digital will generate more leads and a more consistent sales funnel. I am well-versed in both traditional and digital marketing. This matters to both traditional and digital agencies.

5) Kaizen – Continuous Improvement & Team Skills Building
As the former owner of a Marketing, Sales, and Communications Training Company, I’ve made it my mission to master the latest marketing and creative techniques. This is augmented by KAIZEN continuous improvement processes. This ensures that everyone has the tools and the knowledge to implement future best practices.

6) High-Performance Team Configuration
I bring Standard Operating Procedures that streamline specialised digital marketing functions into high-performance team configurations, with fewer creative silos for better ROI

7) Digital Marketing Audit Procedures
Digital audit procedures that help to land new business. Customer Journey Mapping, Competitor Analysis, Digital Asset Mapping, Websites, SEO, Social Media, Email, Analytics and Data.

8) Relevant Industry Experience.
I more than likely have a good understanding of your clientele. I have a broad range of classical marketing experience. FMCG: Food, Beverages, Liquor, OTC, Household Cleaners, Clothing, Sporting Goods. Banks, Airlines, and the Motor Industry. B2B: Engineering, Financial, and Horeca, etc.

9) Available Part-time to save you costs
I can be available on a temporary basis to save you costs, but cannot do work on competitor brands at the same time.

Where can I Make a Difference?

Whether you are a fully digital or a traditional agency, I can contribute. I am versatile; I can serve in a broader strategic or a more specific functional role in your organization.

1) As a digital marketing strategist,
I can assist Bright Ideas Factory with larger strategic initiatives, new business programs, cost-cutting, and the development of agency capacity in digital marketing.

2) Content Development Specialist.
Alternatively, I can serve you in a smaller specialist capacity with ROI-focused content development: websites, webpages, blogs, social media, ad content, email, YouTube. I have practical creative skills in copywriting, graphic design, web design, photography, photoshopping, audio, video, and interactive content.

In addition, I also have valuable marketing skills in the market sectors where the majority of your clients compete. This may help me generate content that matches the buyer’s journey to the marketing funnel for better ROI.

Learn More?

If you’re interested, please click the link below for more details about me, my full resume, and put me to a quick test.

Learn More

I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if you want to look into this further.

Yours sincerely,
Leon Rossouw
MBA(USB) AMP(Harvard)

| m 082 389 2419