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Online Marketing & E-Commerce – Colleges/Schools

FusionLMSFusion Online MULTIPLIES your EARNINGS and saves Time &  Money.

We build College/School Marketing and E-Commerce websites which multiply your income and save you time and money.

We tastefully monetise every aspect of you college/school: your facilities, social media, sports events, social events, training events, public relations activities, and school accessory sales.

We can also add relevant revenue generating modules to your existing website.

E-Commerce automation provides an impressive  business experience. Everything pays for itself with the least effort.

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Revenue Generating – Learning Management Systems

FusionLmsFusion LMS serves the dual purpose of a Learning Management Tool for Lectures/Learners as well as a Marketing Tool for your college/school.

Fusion LMS Modernises your teaching for 21st Century Learning and demonstrates the academic commitment of your college/school.

It can also expand your market into Distance Learning. It sets you apart from your competition.

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Fusion LMS

75 Million Websites
Our College/School Marketing Websites are built on a WordPress Content Management platform which has considerable international standing with over 75 million websites worldwide and growing. With 29,000 plug-ins available and hundreds readymade college/school templates available you can’t lose.

Easy to Update
Our content management systems do not require web technical skills to manage and upgrade; once it’s set up. Most its marketing activities are automated and require the least effort from your College /School with maximum impact.

100 Million Users
Our Learning Management Systems are built on a Moodle core. Moodle is the most popular LMS with over a 100 Million users in 247 counties.

User Training
We provide thorough training in WordPress and Moodle so that you get the best out of your systems and stay ahead of the internet curve.