Online Marketing & E-Commerce – Colleges/Schools

Fusion LMSFusion Online MULTIPLIES your EARNINGS and saves YOU Time & Money.

We build College/School Marketing and E-Commerce websites which multiply your income and save you time and money.

We tastefully monetise every aspect of you college/school: your facilities, social media, sports events, social events, training events, public relations activities, and school accessory sales.

We can also add relevant revenue generating modules to your existing website.

E-Commerce automation provides an impressive business experience. Everything pays for itself with the least effort.


-College/School Websites
-Mirror Site Modules
-Digital Prospectus and Newsletters
-Intelligent Registration Forms
-Public Relations & Social Media Convergence
-Social Event Marketing
-Training Event Marketing
-Viral e-Mail Marketing
-College/School Facilities Rental
-Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Fusion LMS