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What if your College/School could offer your learners, teachers and parents an exclusive Online MatH(s)Lab?

R2 Billion in Extra Maths Lessons

In SA parents spend over a R2 Billion annually on extra maths lessons. Money not always well spent. What if you could offer your learners, teachers and parents a 21ST Century Online MatH(s)Lab that’s exclusive to your college/school?

It means you will have a branded extra maths lessons site which you can either have sponsored, fee subsidised or charged for. It also offer parents better results for their money, greater peace of mind and much reduced costs.

Maths is recognised as the gateway subject to higher education and better career options. It’s mission critical for most colleges/schools and our country as a whole. MatH(s)Lab distinguishes your college/school.

The Online MatH(s)Lab blends your classroom with online for superior results.

Four Key Benefits:

1 Better Grades, Individual Attention. This Online Maths Lab works alongside Face2Face Classroom Teaching. It helps teachers reach a larger group of learners with more individual attention, producing better grades.
2 Automated. It takes pressure off the teacher, provides learner feedback and keeps parents in the loop.
3 Anytime anywhere. Multiple Media Responsive layout, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.
4 Adds Strategic Value. It significantly differentiates your college/school from its competitors.

In SA over a R2 Billion is spent annually on private maths lessons, unfortunately also separating the learner from their teacher and the college/school as their primary educator.

This Online MatH(s)Lab solves this problem in that it Integrates your teachers, learners, parents/employers in a continuous improvement loop.

Its further augmented by extensive analytics, offering deeper insights into learners’ potential.

Your college/school might also be missing out on potential revenue and reputation benefits.

We offer MatH(s)Lab on an annual subscription basis and we cover CAPS curriculum Grade 10-12 NSC and IEB exams. NATED, N1-N6. It is comprehensive and thorough.
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Leon Rossouw

MatH(s)Lab Demo – Click the Image below

CLICK the IMAGE BELOW and explore the demo WITHOUT a PASSWORD. You won’t have access to the deeper features of the site, but you’ll get a good overview. Use the navigation bar on the MatH(s)Lab Site as indicated by the RED ARROW on the image.